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Drilling Fluids
Environmentally Safe
Extreme Performance
biodegradeable, drilling, fluids, lubricants

Drillers can speak first hand about how our product works in the race to hit Total Depth (TD).


Our lubricants reduce torque and drag significantly, increasing bit longevity and reduces the chances of costly rig downtime. TE Lube produces immediate results upon contact with the bit. TE minimizes stick slip and allows you to increase differential without increasing torque.




“TE Lube worked so well during a slide that it sold me right away! ”


"I was able to control the bit better than ever before and TE Lube didn’t blind the shaker screens."


The Stats


* Fastest recorded TD in the Bakken


* Out Performs Competitors by 20%


* Proven Downhole on 100's of Rigs


* Proven Oil Based Mud Applications


* Proven Pipe-on-Pipe Applications


* Non-Hazardous


* High Temp, Extreme Pressure Use


* Very effective at 1% Concentration 


* Stable to 700 degree Farenheit

* Stable to 30,000 PSI

Completion Chemicals
Chemical Packages
Consignment Available

Our Completion Chemicals and Chemical Packages are available in all major shale plays.


We provide quality, dependable and timely service at the most competitive prices. We take great pride in being able to respond faster than the competition.






  • Delivery to Field Locations

  • Delivery direct to your yard

  • Bulk Deliveries

  • Mini-Bulk Deliveries

  • 24-hour Dispatch Center

  • 7 days a week Delivery

  • 52 weeks a year Service




  • Gel Sweep

  • Friction Reducers

  • Pipe on Pipe

  • Scavengers

  • HE 150 

  • Guar 

  • Foamers

  • Custom Tailored Packages

  • Other chemicals available upon request. 

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Pipeline & Production Chemicals
Chemical Packages
Delivery Services

Pipeline Cleaning Chemicals and Production Chemicals are services we currently offer. We offer comprehensive testing, chemical deliveries and much more.


Houston Chemical has a strong background of understanding the damage that water can do to your pipeline or downhole. From H2s Gas to Microbial Induced Corrosion, both create a lot of issues and will destroy a pipeline or production site rapidly if not properly managed.



PipeClean Line

PipeTreat Line

Monthly Deliveries

Monthly Monitoring

Satellite Delivery System

24-hour Dispatch Center

7 Days a week Delivery

52 Weeks a year Service





  • H2s Scavengers

  • Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Biocides

  • Paraffin and Asphaltene Solvents

  • Dispersants

  • Custom Tailored Packages

  • Other Chemicals available upon request.


STUART MUSSLEWHITE - (832)594-0131


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