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PipeClean FRW - Water Based First Run Cleaner

PipeClean HDW - Water Based Heavy Duty Cleaner

PipeClean FRO - Oil Based First Run Cleaner

PipeClean HDO - Oil Based Heavy Duty Cleaner

PipeClean ParaSolv - Paraffin Solvent

PipeClean ParaSolv XD - Paraffin Solvent with Surfactant

PipeClean Nature's Way - Biodegradable Hydrocarbon Eliminator



Houston Chemical has a full line of pipeline cleaning and pipeline treating chemicals, labeled as either PipeClean or PipeTreat. We have both oil and water based chemicals for cleaning the inside of pipelines, whether online or offline. Our PipeTreat line is to prevent corrosion or other detrimental conditions that occur while transporting crude, gas or chemicals through a pipeline. With our state of the art blending capabilities we can customize products

for each job. There isn't one product that can do it all, so we have to tweak different products to get the best results.

 At Houston Chemical, we are not only well known for our superior customer service, but we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products at competitive prices. We constantly strive to improve on our chemistries and to maintain our reputation of being the hardest working company around. When you choose Houston Chemical, you are not just choosing a chemical company, you are choosing a partner you can trust.  




PipeTreat Elite - Extreme Corrosion/Scale/Bacteria Inhibitor

PipeTreat HIB - Concentrated Corrosion Inhibitor

PipeTreat DeFoam - Concentrated Defaomer

PipeTreat BioGuard - Treatment Guard(Non-EPA Registered)

-EPA Registered Biocide upon request

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