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              Pipeline Pigging and Custom Manufacturing Experts


We design and manufacture custom pigs for oil, gas and chemical pipelines with over 20 years of experience serving some of the most respected companies and best known projects in the USA. Our experts work with the client and job to precisely match the specifications and improve results. Our foam pigs are manufactured onsite which give us the edge in responsiveness in design, fabrication, turn-around times and competitive pricing.  


Foam Pigs


We offer a variety of light, medium and heavy density foam pigs for any application.  Whether you are drying a pipeline or fighting a black powder issue, Boar Pipeline Supply has a pig for every application.

Custom Foam Pigs Fabrication


If you have specific obstacles in your project, contact us to build custom pigs for you. We can discuss your exact needs and specifications to make your project a success. We create a mock drawing and after your approval, create your product with a two-week turnaround.



Mandrel Pigs


Use these metal pigs to take care of any job. Constructed of steel bodies, solid urethane cups and discs with scrapers and wire brushes. Our mandrel pigs are available in a variety of combinations and can be outfitted with polyurethane or neoprene. They come with attachments like: Gauge Plate• Cups & Disks• Scrapers & Brushes.

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